Gen Z think blonde hair is cheugy and uncool

Gen Z is a bit of a tirade, it seems. Having already labeled side parts, skinny jeans, wireless headphones, and even crying laughing emoji as “uncool” in 2021, they’ve now decided on their final target: blonde hair.

As with any Gen Z trend, the backlash against blondes has started on TikTok, where users are proclaiming that the once popular shade is now “cheugy” and “uncool”.

For the uninitiated, cheugy is a word used to describe something not trendy or not very elegant.

The urban dictionary defines it like: “The opposite of trend. Used when someone is still following these outdated trends. This can include, but is not limited to, fashion, social media habits, and the use of slang.

Blonde hair was tagged as cheugy after model Alyssa Lorraine shared a video explaining that she dyed her hair blonde and now it’s “not in fashion.”

“I went back to blond after hiding my natural color [and] dying of crazy colors for 17 years. Now the blonde is cheugy, ”she said.

Another user, known as The digital fairy, posted a video titled “Is Blonde Cheugy?” In the video, she notes that celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Florence Pugh, and Gigi Hadid have all recently ditched their blonde locks for darker undertones.

So what is the reason for this sudden blonde bashing? The Digital Fairy added, “Being blonde can get pretty expensive and [roots] became a big trend after the 2008 financial crisis.

The TikTok user cites the “recession roots” trend that emerged in the late 2000s after the 2008 recession as people couldn’t afford to root.

A similar trend emerged last year as, during the multiple lockdowns the UK endured, many people returned to their natural color as hairdressers were closed.

In a separate TikTok video, user @girlbosstown asked other users if she was “funny being blonde.”

One of the commentators replied, “All cool girls get dark,” while one said, “Dark hair is elite.”

Another commented, “Girl… It’s just because it’s fall. Calm.”

A third added, “I don’t think blonde is puny, but badly tanned skin and unnatural platinum blonde are very puny. Very few people can shoot [off] that look.”

While natural hair colors may have a moment, like all trends, they come and go. So don’t go out and grab a bottle of brunette hair dye right away.

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