Gen Z proclaim blonde hair isn’t cool and cheugy now

Is blonde hair disappearing? That’s what a few TikTok users want you to believe, but we’re not that convinced.

Over the past year, Gen Z has been at the forefront of announcing and deflating social media trends, and we’ve been entertained by the lively conversations they’ve generated. We loved it when TODAY’s Anchors entered the middle part versus side part debate in February, and we were very intrigued by the under-eye circle trend that is making its way around TikTok.

Yet when we first read the latest Gen Z trend predictions in the The New York Post, we were equally surprised and confused. The post reported how several TikTokers declared blonde hair as “cheugy” and we had to ask ourselves: Did one of the most popular hair colors finally spend its time in the sun?

TikTok user @thedigifairy spoke at length about the topic in a video where it broke down Recent iD article on the subject. In the clip, she asked her followers if blonde hair was ‘old fashioned’ and cited recent examples of several celebrities, like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, who have gone from blonde to brown.

The TikToker cited several potential reasons for the possible decrease in popularity of blonde hair, including the fact that maintaining the vibrant shade can be expensive and the possibility that this is a shift to a more natural look and “more diverse beauty ideals”.Related:

In the video, @thedigifairy also touched on the ‘expensive brunette’ trend. Hairstylist @tomsmithhd discussed the look in his own video where he suggested that Bieber, in particular, appears to “honor her natural color a little more like so many people did during the pandemic” by stepping away from a all-blonde look.

Some other TikTok users, like @GirlBossTown, wondered if their favorite shade was suddenly going out of fashion. In a video, she shared her excitement that many people seem to be embracing their natural roots, but said she personally prefers a more platinum blonde vibe, asking her followers, “Is being blonde? owl ?”

TikTok user @_alyssa_lorraine_ shared his own video who showed off her light shade and said she had recently returned to her roots after “dyeing crazy colors for 17 years” and expressed her disappointment that “now blonde is cheugy”.

So, is blonde fashion fading? Not so fast, if you ask us. Sure, there are a few examples of TikTokers unboxing the idea that blonde hair is “cheugy”, but there are still countless more on social media showing off their #blond locks.

Hadid and Bieber are clearly two examples of young stars adopting a darker look for fall, but that’s hardly surprising as many women tend to deepen their hair color in cold weather. Still, we’re intrigued to see if this shift to a darker back has any lasting power, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on our TikTok feed.Related:

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