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Galilea Montijo, black interiors escape under her pink suit | Instagram

Galilea Montijo, reappeared in one of her sessions, captured from Today’s program in a shiny pink suit that let out a set of black interiors and the reactions were immediate.

The “presenter“Galilea Montijo reappears in a photograph in which he gives a talk on how to bring the formality of a costume into a more fun style.

A garment consisting of trousers and a blazer padded with pink sequins has been the target of various reactions and comments regarding the “Today’s driver», Which showed the interiors he wore under the mantle.


A host of “The stars dance today“He left his jacket open which allowed him to show off a black top he was wearing under all the clothes.

Galilea Montijo, black interiors escape under a pink suit. Photo: Instagram capture

The “businesswoman“Fashion, Galilea Montijo Torres, shared the session with her 9.3 million followers on Instagram, her outfit paired with a loose hairstyle, it was her fans who immediately gave their opinion.

The spouse of Fernando Reina IglesiasShe chose one of the many looks that she houses in her boutique “Latingal boutique”, which she opened last June with her colleague Claudia Troyo, which is located in “Mundo E”.

The “social media celebrity”, who for 14 years collaborated in the production, now directed by Andrea Rodríguez Doria, once again leaned towards a more casual style in addition to wearing a hairstyle with a high bun and makeup with shadows and lipstick. matching the outfit, the snapshot totaled 59. 303 I like it.

Her fans were quick to shower her with support and compliments in which they reiterated how beautiful she looked both in photos and “even more so in person,” some of her followers pointed out.

Andaaaas, commented Aldo Rendón

I love beautiful outfits, said Marie Tere Alessandri

Mega look commented Lahofman

Looooveeee… Sweet mom! Cassandre expressed

How beautiful mmmmmmm shivavamm, commented Roxana Castellanos.

She sheds light on the forums, writes her colleague Tania Rincón.

With just a few add-ons, “Gali“He accessorized the set of pieces to which he brought some silver jewelry on the neck and on the wrist against a background of stars.

It must be said that Montijo Torres, has always kept abreast of new trends and now thanks to his own line of clothes, the famous 48 years old, he has surprised in several of his sessions, in which on certain occasions, his looks have derived from some reviews.

The endearing presenter of “Little giants“,” Vida Tv “and many other entertainment programs, is captured from the outside in a snapshot in which the accessories of a new look are appreciated in detail.

The model of “H men” magazine and other publications, who will start her acting career after being crowned “tv girl” has managed to keep a figure that allows her to dress almost any remote way.

At 48, the actress of “El Premio Mayor” and other Televisa melodramas, devoted part of her time to heal her figure in a disciplined manner like many television personalities.

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