Football’s most memorable haircuts – from Kevin Keegan’s perm to David Beckham’s mohawk

Kevin Keegan’s perm, Sir Bobby Charlton’s comb-over and Ruud Gullit’s dreads are among the most memorable football haircuts, according to a study.

A poll of 2,000 male football fans identified styles over the years that are still talked about today – including Chris Waddle’s infamous mullet and Carlos Valderrama’s striking locks.

Other notable trims include Paul Gascoigne’s bleached crop, David Beckham’s signature mohawk and Brazilian footballer Ronaldo’s protractor haircut during the 2002 World Cup.

Meanwhile, current player barnets – including Jack Grealish’s undercut, Paul Pogba’s colorful fades and Olivier Giroud’s shaved style – have also been voted among the greatest.

The study was commissioned by, who created a quiz to test people’s knowledge of famous footballers’ haircuts.

David Beckham’s Late ’90s Blonde Curtains Are The Most Copied Hairstyle For Fans

A spokesperson for said: “It’s great to see age football haircuts like Kevin Keegan’s perm and Ruud Gullit’s dreads being mentioned in sport today.

“Not only that, but also the popularity of superstars such as Paul Pogba is fading, and of course Jack Grealish’s popular undercut with his band Alice.”

The study also revealed that a fifth of football fans have tried to copy their idols’ hairstyles – David Beckham curtains being the most popular choice.

Almost one in five have tried Cristiano Ronaldo’s tramline, while Jack Grealish’s style was a popular choice for 17% of fans.

And 16% even got Freddie Ljungberg’s controversial red mohawk from his Arsenal days.

When asked why they imitate a footballer’s hairstyle, a third of fans (34%) said they fancy something new, while 30% like the footballer’s sense of style.

Although 28% admitted to having had their hair cut after losing a bet.

One in six were even bold enough to replicate Freddie Ljungberg's red mohawk from his Arsenal days
One in six were even bold enough to replicate Freddie Ljungberg’s red mohawk from his Arsenal days

A further 27% said they copied footballers’ hairstyles to become more attractive to potential new partners.

Of those who went all-in, 83% were happy with the overall haircut they copied, and 20% even copied the same style at least four times.

It also emerged that football fans would spend an average of £43 to copy their favorite footballer’s hairstyle.

While a third (33%) of those polled, via OnePoll, believe replicating the same haircut as a footballer is part of being a fan.

And 28% admit they regularly borrow style and fashion advice from football stars, with 51% believing they are more stylish than ever.

Other ways football fans have copied their heroes include their kits (17%), goal celebrations (15%) and clothing (12%).

But David Seaman's ponytail is one of the styles fans would least like to replicate
But David Seaman’s ponytail is one of the styles fans would least like to replicate

About one in ten even named their child after their icon’s offspring.

And a fifth (19%) would be brave enough to completely makeover to look exactly like their favorite footballer.

However, 77% of fans said copying a footballer’s haircut was simply a waste of time and money – with David Seaman’s tail, Marouane Fellaini’s afro and Edgar Davids’ dreads among least favorite haircuts to copy.

The 1970s were voted the worst decade for football haircuts, followed by the 1980s.

The spokesperson added: “It seems some football fans will go to great lengths to copy football greats – be it their hairstyle, their looks or even their name.

“It shows how popular the sport is and how much it has grown over the years. Who knows what styles would be popular over the next decade.


  1. Kevin Keegan’s perm
  2. Sir Bobby Charlton’s comb
  3. Ruud Gullit’s dreads
  4. David Seaman’s Tail
  5. Mohawk by David Beckham
  6. Chris Waddle’s Mule
  7. Marouane Fellaini’s afro
  8. Edgar Davids dreadlocks
  9. The cornrows of David Beckham
  10. Red Mohawk by Freddie Ljungberg
  11. Paul Pogba’s colorful fades
  12. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s bun
  13. Paul Gascoigne’s bleached whip
  14. Brazilian Ronaldo’s protractor haircut
  15. Locks by Carlos Valderrama
  16. Jack Grealish’s Undercut (with Alice Band)
  17. David Beckham’s curtains
  18. Gareth Bale’s mane
  19. Ronaldinho’s long locks
  20. Bacary Sagna’s blonde braids


  1. David Beckham’s curtains
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sexy Tramline
  3. Brazilian Ronaldo’s protractor haircut
  4. Jack Grealish’s Undercut (with Alice Band)
  5. Kevin Keegan’s perm
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s bun
  7. Red Mohawk by Freddie Ljungberg
  8. Paul Gascoigne’s bleached whip
  9. Sir Bobby Charlton’s comb
  10. Olivier Giroud’s half-shaved hairstyle

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