Five Obstacles That Could Make Your Home Harder to Sell – and How to Deal With Them

Viewing and buying a property can be a stressful time, and potential buyers are unlikely to make an offer if they see a lot of things wrong with the home. In a survey commissioned by conservatory installation experts ConservatoryLand, it was revealed that a fifth of Britons do not feel confident they can see past certain deviations when viewing potential properties.

Nearly half of respondents (47%) said strange smells are the biggest annoyance.

Cracked floors and visible stains were also turn-offs for homebuyers.

Twenty-four percent said they couldn’t see past lots of pet hair everywhere, while 24 percent also said a cluttered home was a nightmare.

ConservatoryLand spoke with HomeHow real estate and construction expert Natalie Mitchell to understand what sellers can do to ensure their homes are clean and tidy when they’re open to viewers.

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The expert said: “Boil a solution of white vinegar and water for about 15 minutes to help neutralize odors. Place a few small bowls of vinegar around the house to help deodorize each room while you sleep.

“Make sure your refrigerator is clean, as this can be one of the main sources of odors. Use an open box of non-toxic baking soda and leave it in the refrigerator to help absorb bad odors.

“Use plug-in air fresheners to help promote positive smells in the home. Spray fabrics, rugs and carpets with fabric freshener to make sure musty odors are covered.

To repair hairline cracks, Natalie recommended painting them.

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For larger cracks, the expert said the Brits could use rugs or move furniture.

She added: “If you have small chips or cracks in the floor, nail polish can help. Use a small amount of nail polish the same color as the tile and paint into the crack or chip.

“If you have larger chips or cracks, apply a ceramic sealant. Simply mix the solution until you have a color to match your tiles, then work it into the crack or hole and let it harden. .

“To cover stained surfaces, wash with soapy water to remove any dirt, dust, or cobwebs.”

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“Use lint rollers on your upholstery items to clean stuck-on pet hair on things like the couch, cushions, and blankets.

“Keep vacuuming at least twice a week to make sure pet hair doesn’t have a chance to build up.”

In addition to distracting shoppers, clutter can also make it seem like there’s a lack of storage.

To help hide personal clutter, the expert recommended closing off a cluttered space with a curtain.

The clutter can also be placed in furniture as well as for storing items in the garage or attic.

Natalie said, “Also look for furniture that doubles as storage, like a storage bed.”

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