Experts Agree: This Is The Most Flattering Haircut For Women Over 40

Finding the perfect haircut to flatter your features is one of the most important steps you can take against aging, and while some chops can highlight fine lines and wrinkles, there are others that naturally inject youth into your appearance. We know that a good haircut will provide movement and texture, preventing your locks from falling limp around your face, but what exactly is the most flattering style to try as you age? To get an answer once and for all, we spoke with Rod Galvao, hairstylist at House of Jewels as he explains the universally flattering chop that can help turn back the years and draw attention to your best features at any age.

Messy bob and bangs

Texture is key when it comes to an anti-aging haircut, and a messy bob with lots of layers will help with this feature, providing more natural volume. “Let’s start with the base of this cut, the shape is usually more rectangular or square, with a very defined linear design, which brings a more modern and sophisticated look with a minimalist style,” says Galvao. This timeless cut easily frames the face and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while the bangs help cover fine lines that may have developed on the forehead over the years. “In some versions of the cut, there are more layers which add movement and give those ‘cool young vibes’,” he adds.

This cut works with all hair textures, but Galvao notes that for those with wavy texture, the look is instantly taken to the next level. “This cool hair vibe has texture and softness at the same time and a great way to add texture to this cut is spray Doo.Over by Kevin.Murphy to give more movement,” he suggests. Letting your hair hang loosely around your face will draw more attention to sagging skin and wrinkles, so boost the volume at the roots and add a little wave for natural play with very little effort.

In terms of styles to avoid as you age, Galvao explains that most looks can be easily adapted to fit your features, but as a general rule, blunt cuts should be steered clear of as you age. age and work to be your best. “The classic full-length blunt cut on long hair is to be avoided, because of its shape it will give you a ‘Mona Lisa’ look that will feel more dramatic,” he warns. “This cut has no layers or bangs, nothing to really play or have fun with…it’s what every woman at any age should have.”

A great haircut is all about feeling comfortable in your skin, and a textured bob with bangs can help add movement to your locks and allow you to channel your youthfulness. This is a timeless, classic look that’s almost easy to style and always looks chic, so if you’re lacking inspiration next time you head to the salon, ask for a choppy cut with bangs. to instantly look younger and flatter your features with ease.

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