Everything you need to know about the bird’s nest haircut

If you are planning to change your look, you might want to explore the bird’s nest haircut while it is still in trend. When looking for a specific hairstyle, it can’t hurt to look at other people who wear their hair this way and think about what it would look like on yourself. Many celebrities and influencers have rocked this hairstyle, helping it become as well-known as it is now. For example, Jaden Hossler, a pop-punk musician also known as jxdn, is known for his angsty song lyrics and has worn his hair in this style. In addition, there are currently many photographs of the famous TikToker Noah Beck with his hair in this style.

To determine if this controversial hair trend would be the right fit, you need to consider your lifestyle and personality. Since this look is heavily associated with TikTok, it might be a good idea to try it out if you love social media and have a large following online. As mentioned earlier, this look is usually linked to e-boys. If you wear a lot of edgy looks such as black nail polish, leather, distressed denim and consider yourself a “bad boy”, you probably have the style and personality that matches this hairstyle. But if you dress more preppy or formal, this may not be the right hair trend for you.

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