To promote his latest album Boy in love certified, Drake, originally from Toronto, started shaving a heart last year. The unique look would become her signature hairstyle over the past few months. He’s started a trend where people shave hearts in their hair, but he’s officially looking to the future, deciding how he’s going to shape the culture next.

On a trip to Oklahoma City this week, where the rapper was spotted on the court in the Thunder / Rockets game, Drake took the time to line up his hair, but he opted for a different style. He got his hair cut by Scissorhands, who gave Drake a crisp new cut, which is a bit shorter than his previous look. Obviously, too, the heart is missing from his hairline, which could mark the end of an era for Drizzy.

Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

This follows a few viral videos featuring Drake and singer YK Osiris, where the superstar allowed YK to pay off his $ 60,000 debt with a live performance inside his mansion. Check it out here.

Considering the artist has shown off the same hairstyle over the past year or so, what do you think of her new cut? Is it better or worse than the previous one?