Dollar Shave Club Unveils New Relationship Saver Campaign

The dollar shave club, the original shaving subscription brand that has given the shaving industry a new look, announces its Relationship Saver campaign. Why should consumers choose between a close shave and staying close to their partner?

Launched just in time for the stressful holiday giveaway season, the campaign includes a new national TV spot promoting the brand’s Relationship Saver offering, so consumers don’t have the unpleasant surprise of finding their hair. someone else in their beloved blades after being borrowed.

While nearly one in four women (24.4%) admit to using someone else’s razor to groom their bikini or underarms, the new campaign will continue the effort started with the ‘Borrowed for a Reason ”of the grooming brand in 2020.

“Great razors like ours are borrowed even if you don’t realize it by other important people, roommates, friends, family, you name it,” said Kerry Sullivan, director of marketing at Dollar Shave Club. “There’s no better time to treat loved ones to their own quality razor than during the holiday season, which is why we’re making it easier than ever by bringing back our offer of two razors. ”

The new commercial will be shown on national broadcast and cable networks from the end of the month, as well as on social and digital extensions. The ad showcases the signature spirit of the skincare brand, telling the story of a woman borrowing her partner’s stylish Dollar Shave Club razor (vs. her tired, very pink and probably overpriced razor).

After using her partner’s razor to shave off body hair, the hairs are wedged between the blades for her significant other to use, proving that being in love means being considerate and using separate razors.

Along with the ad, the brand is bringing back the Relationship Saver Deal so people can share their favorite razor without having to share their razor. Available now for a limited time for $ 10 to new members, the offer includes two of the club’s metal razor handles (conveniently in two different colors to avoid confusion) and a six-blade razor cartridge.

Visit to sign up and purchase a Relationship Saver offering and tune in to TV screens across the country to see the latest Dollar Shave Club commercial this month.

Check out an excerpt from the video below!

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