Does Bridget Moynahan want to come back and just like that?

The actress updated fans on her “And Just Like That” appearance in December 2021, posting the trailer with the caption, “Back the truck up… are you ready for @AndJustLikeThat?” Her too reposted an effortless shot of Natasha – in flats, no less! — and posted a cheeky photo to his Twitter on premiere night thanking the show glamor team.

Besides her acting career, Bridget Moynahan has a lot to do in 2022. She posted on instagram congratulating her ex-husband Tom Brady on his surprising return to the NFL after announcing his retirement. She joked, “Thank goodness I had no idea what I was going to do with my Sundays.”

Moynahan is also dedicated to using her platform to spread important information and educate her audience on global issues. She is super active on Twitter and regularly reposted connections to support fundraising efforts in Ukraine, in collaboration with global citizen to channel donations to refugees.

Between her political involvement and her full-time gig on “Blue Bloods,” it might seem like Moynahan has too much on her plate to consider reprising her role as Natasha yet again. However, the actress seems more than willing to return to “And Just Like That,” and she even has some big ideas for moving things forward with the show’s production team.

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