Deliberate a Big Chop? These five short curly hairstyles do the trick

Shine My Crown read by Alexa

Whether you’re embarking on a fresh start or looking to change up your look for the New Year, there is undeniably something magical about making a big chop.

Life seems easier when the shining star of the Natural Hair Movement takes center stage. It allows us to instantly know our curls while saving time, eliminating weather worries and promoting style consistency.

And as this new relationship blossoms, you will no longer be short on style options (no pun intended); textured cropped hair is wonderfully versatile!

However, if you’re still hesitant to take the plunge, consider our five winners.

1. Tapered pixie

This beauty is one of the easiest short haircuts to rock as all you need is at least an inch of hair. Easily create twists, coils, and Wash-and-Go sets.

2. Mohawk

Naturals prefer the avant-garde styling and convenience of the Mohawks, as the vibration and flexibility to stretch the time between wash days is a freedom on many levels. And adding a splash of color only increases its potency.

3. Tapered top

The gradual shortening of this cut lends itself to its advantages for starting. Swap cute buns, ponytails or cornrows effortlessly… the possibilities are endless!

4. Cut the buzz

There is nothing more fierce than a villain with a bald head! Complement yours with sleek, barbed wire hard pieces and designs for bold, unspoken confidence!

5. Undercut

A nice addition to curls and thick coils, an undercut eliminates unwanted bulk to create flawless symmetry and shape.

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