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Primp hair salon will open on November 29

The Primp Hair Salon in Deephaven will officially move to Hopkins with an opening on November 29.

The full-service salon also offers a variety of other services including hair regeneration and hair loss prevention.

Michele Rae, the owner of the salon which opened in 2012, said she was excited to relocate to the city and be able to grow her business from its original location. The salon currently has eight stylists, but Rae said she is looking to expand even further in the new location.

“I have always, even before I found the location of Deephaven, I have always loved downtown Hopkins and have always kept an eye out in case there is anything available and we have so lucky. That it was the right time, the right space and the right place, ”she said.

Michele Rae, owner of the Primp hair salon.

Before becoming an owner, Rae worked as a stylist in other salons. After attending hair extension training, she said it really took off for her and she started specializing in hair extension techniques for clients.

“The clients were sitting getting their hair done with other stylists in the salon and they would see me doing extensions, giving women more length and more hair, and they would say to their stylist: what can she do for me? ? I need more hair, I need more hair on top ‘and so I sat them in my chair and I said to them,’ We are going to find a solution ‘, ”she said. declared.

Rae realized that this area of ​​hair was special and that there was a need for this kind of work, which prompted her to start her own salon. She wanted to include private rooms for women who might need them during hair treatments.

“They can go to their hairdressing department impatiently, excited to go to a high end and trendy salon, eager to get their hair done and go out feeling good and no one knows, without be on display in the living room, ”Rae said.

Many women think that a wig is their only option, while instead, a little more hair where it’s needed can change everything, she said.

The salon offers a wide variety of hair replenishment services, including extensions and mattress toppers that can be made up for daily or extended wear. The pieces can be worn as clip-in or tie-in, or using medical grade adhesive. Rae said the process doesn’t require a shave, and the salon preserves the hair to both protect the head and help add hair.

According to Rae, when clients come to the salon, they turn to stylists who understand hair thinning issues and can offer the best possibilities for maximizing hair.

She told the story of a client who came after wearing a wig for 15 years and was interested in a mattress topper.

“She comes back from her first visit and I said, ‘How was that?’ and she said ‘I can hug people again.’ Rae said.

Located at 780 Mainstreet, the lounge will host a free opening ceremony from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on November 27.

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