Covid-19 Delta outbreak: Chris Hipkins offers assurances on rushed new framework

November 24, 2021 The isolation system managed at the New Zealand border is being dismantled for fully vaccinated Kiwis and travelers will be able to bypass it starting early next year. It comes as authorities announced there were 215 cases of Covid-19 today.

Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins said tens of thousands of travelers are expected to flood New Zealand every week when the borders reopen next year.

And he warns that it only took one person to trigger the latest outbreak that plunged Auckland into a 100-day lockdown.

Hipkins was speaking this morning a day after the government announced changes to the MIQ system that will see fully vaccinated Kiwis skip MIQ facilities starting in January.

Defending the speed at which traffic light legislation was rushed through, he said he would much prefer to submit things to a regular parliamentary process. It wasn’t ideal, but they had safeguards in place.

Hipkins told TVNZ Breakfast that in a pandemic they have to make decisions and in an ideal world he would have liked to put it through a select committee for six months.

While they could have slowed the process down, it would have meant Auckland would have waited longer to come out of the restrictions as well as the rest of the country and it didn’t want people to wait longer than necessary.

However, additional safeguards were in place, he said.

Every order made under the new bill would be reviewed and had to be periodically renewed by Parliament.

Vaccine passes will be required to enter most bars, cafes and hairdressers under the government’s new Covid management traffic light system, as well as all music festivals, rugby matches and events major.

Auckland bars, cafes and restaurants will reopen and start using the passes from 11:59 p.m. on December 2, when the country switches to the traffic light system.

But hairdressers are excited to open earlier in the trial.

Today, 100 days have passed since Auckland was returned to lockdown on August 17.

The long weeks left Aucklanders no chance for any cut, color or style.

At the Bliss Boutique hair salon, Kathleen Novak enjoyed a place of honor as the very first customer.

Stylist Shannon Grange said Novak has been offered the spotlight because she is one of their most loyal customers.

Novak has been attending the show for about 40 years.

Her husband, John Novak, was sitting next to her and also having his hair cut this morning, who was in high spirits about scoring second even though it was clear his wife was the guest. of honor.

“My manager went first,” he joked. “I am the family worker and I can (pass) second.”

Hairdresser Hakan Altan pulls out his scissors for the first time in more than three months this morning as he expects to wrestle with an array of wild and overlooked mules.

The owner of the Hedzabove hair salon in Kohimarama, east-central Auckland, opened today at 7 a.m., with one of the city’s hundreds of hairdressers reopening for the first time since last. Delta Covid outbreak that hit New Zealand in August.

Kathleen and John Novak get their <a class=hair cut at Bliss Boutique Hair Salon in Auckland this morning. Photo / Craig Kapitan.” class=”article-media__image responsively-lazy” data-test-ui=”article-media__image”/>
Kathleen and John Novak get their hair cut at Bliss Boutique Hair Salon in Auckland this morning. Photo / Craig Kapitan.

Meanwhile, Hipkins also revealed this morning that New Zealand will revert to the Alert Level System if a new vaccine-resistant variant overwhelms the country and the traffic light frame cannot contain it.

Speaking to The AM Show, Chris Hipkins said that even if the government was absolutely committed to the traffic light system, a back-up plan would revert to the alert level system.

The government would have to revert to the alert level plan if it had a variant of the virus resistant to the vaccine, he said.

It was a possibility, but that’s not what they thought would happen, he added.


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