Count On These Three Simple Cooking Ingredients For Longer, Stronger Hair

We all want long and shiny hair. However, with constantly changing weather conditions, increasing pollution and erratic lifestyles, hair loss has become more and more common. For the solution, we end up looking for expensive shampoos and conditioners. But, they don’t always work.

The quality and growth of your hair depends a lot on your diet. So, the solution to your hair problems could be in your kitchen. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently shared three simple ingredients readily available in your kitchen that can make your hair longer and stronger. “I use two or more at least 4-5 times a week and my hairstylist is amazed at how often I need a haircut,” she said.

Check them.

These are the three ingredients in your cooking that can help make your hair stronger and thicker.


It is naturally available and rich in vitamin C. The collagen it promotes is the reason your hair grows thicker and longer. Your hair grows about six inches each year, which depends on your age, genetics, and diet.

“We can’t do much about age and genetics, but we certainly can about our diets,” the nutritionist said.


About two tablespoons of flaxseed gives you about 6,400 milligrams of omega 3. Several studies prove that omega 3 reduces thinning hair and makes it grow longer.

curry leaves

“I put around 10 to 15 curry leaves in my vegetable juice every day,” Makhija said. They contain beta-carotene as well as vitamin E, which makes your hair stronger and shinier. They are also a great tip for slowing down graying.

“Put them in your diet every day and grow your hair to the length you want,” the nutritionist concluded.

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