Class teaches fathers how to style their daughter’s hair

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (ATM4) – The bond between fathers and daughters can be incredibly strong. A salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin found a way to make it even stronger.

When it comes to learning how to style his daughter’s hair, Dave Nelsen starts with the basics: a simple brushing of the hair.

Her daughter, Mena, isn’t afraid to give her opinion or tell her father what she wants.

“Mena came home and told me about it and told me that we will take this class together,” said Nelson.

Al Oldham, owner of Taylor & Burton salon, says a client actually asked him for advice on his own daughter’s hair.

“And then I thought there must be other dads out there who need something like that,” Al said. “So I just put together a quick flyer, spread the word and spread it. class has filled up. “

Oldham says that for most dads, ponytails, braids, and bows are completely new skills.

Nelson admits he hadn’t really brushed Mena’s hair since she was a baby.

“Once that got down to it and she got her awareness of styles and things like that, that’s kinda where I backed off, because I don’t have any experience of the 20s. years with hair, ”Nelson said, showing off his own bald head. .

“I don’t expect them to leave the hairdressers here, I just want them to leave here with a level of comfort that allows them to do something they might not be used to. “Oldham said.

Nelson begins to understand – he has practiced doing a three-strand braid.

“If I had three hands it would be so much easier,” he laughs.

But he says the new hair tips aren’t the best thing to come out of the classroom.

“For two hours she sat in the chair and I practiced on her hair and for two hours I only paid attention to her,” says Dave. “No phone, no job, no siblings, no other family members. Two hours of daddy daughter time.

“It was really fun,” Mena says. “It hasn’t happened in a very, very, very long time.”

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