Hair Price – Hair Extensions Clip Mon, 05 Jul 2021 10:55:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hair Price – Hair Extensions Clip 32 32 “Unread Messages” by Sally Rooney Mon, 05 Jul 2021 10:00:00 +0000 At twenty past twelve on a Wednesday afternoon, a woman was sitting behind a desk in a shared office in downtown Dublin, scrolling through a text document. Her hair was very dark, pulled back in a tortoise shell clasp, and she was wearing a dark gray sweater tucked into black cigarette pants. Using the soft, […]]]>

At twenty past twelve on a Wednesday afternoon, a woman was sitting behind a desk in a shared office in downtown Dublin, scrolling through a text document. Her hair was very dark, pulled back in a tortoise shell clasp, and she was wearing a dark gray sweater tucked into black cigarette pants. Using the soft, fat roller of her computer mouse, she hovered over the document, her eyes scanning narrow columns of text, and sometimes she would stop, click, and insert or delete characters. More often than not, she inserted a colon in the name “WH Auden”, in order to standardize her appearance as “WH Auden.” When she reached the end of the document, she opened a find command, selected the case sensitive option, and typed “WH”. No match appeared. She scrolled to the top of the document, the words and paragraphs scrolling unreadably, then, seemingly satisfied, saved her work and closed the file.

At one o’clock, she told her coworkers that she was going to lunch, and they smiled and waved at her from behind their monitors. Pulling on a jacket, she walked over to a cafe near the office and sat down at a table by the window, holding a sandwich in one hand and a copy of “Brothers Karamazov” in the other. At twenty to two, she looked up to watch a tall blond man walk into the cafe. He wore a suit and tie, with a plastic cord around his neck, and was talking into his phone. Yes, he said, I was told on Tuesday, but I’ll call back and check for you. When he saw the woman sitting by the window, his face changed and he quickly raised his free hand, uttering the word Hey. Over the phone, he continued, I don’t think you were copied on that, no. Looking at the woman, he pointed to the phone impatiently and made a talking gesture with his hand. She smiles, playing with the corner of a page in her book. Alright, alright, said the man. Look, I’m actually out of the office now, but I’ll be when I get home. Yeah. Good, good, good to talk to you.

The man ended his call and approached his table. Looking him up and down, she said: Oh, Simon, you look so important, I’m afraid you will be murdered. He picked up his cord and studied it critically. It’s that thing, he said. It makes me feel like I deserve to be. Can I buy you some coffee? She said she was going back to work. Well, he said, can I buy you some coffee to go and take you home? I want your opinion on something. She closed her book and said yes. As he walked over to the counter, she stood up and wiped off the sandwich crumbs that had fallen on her lap. He ordered two coffees, one white and one black, and tossed a few coins into the tip pot. How did Lola go in the end? the man asked. The woman looked up, met his gaze, and let out a strange, muffled sound. Oh, very good, she said. You know my mom is in town. We all meet tomorrow to look for our wedding outfits.

He was smiling benevolently, watching the progress of their coffees behind the counter. Funny, he said, I had a bad dream the other night about your marriage.

What was wrong?

You married someone other than me.

The woman laughed. Do you talk to women like that about your job? she said.

He turned to her, amused, and replied, “My God, no, I would be in big trouble.” And rightly so. No, I never flirt with anyone at work. If anything, they’re flirting with me.

I guess they’re all middle aged and want you to marry their daughters.

I cannot agree with this negative cultural image around middle aged women. Of all the demographics, I actually think I like them the best.

What’s wrong with young women?

There is only this little. . .

He waved his hand side to side in the air to indicate friction, uncertainty, sexual chemistry, indecision, or maybe mediocrity.

Your girlfriends are never middle aged, the woman pointed out.

And neither do I. Thank you.

Coming out of the cafe, the man held the door open for the woman to pass through, which she did without thanking him. What did you want to ask me about? she said. He told her he wanted her opinion on a situation that had arisen between two of his friends, whom the woman seemed to know by name. The friends lived together as roommates, then got involved in some sort of ambiguous sexual relationship. After a while, one of them started seeing someone else, and now the other friend, the one who was still single, wanted to leave the apartment but had no money. and nowhere to go. Really more of an emotional situation than an apartment situation, the woman said. The man agreed, but added, “Still, I think it’s probably best that she get out of the apartment. I mean, she can apparently hear them having sex at night, so it’s not great. They had then reached the steps of the office building. You could lend him some money, said the woman. The man replied that he had already offered but she had refused. Which was a relief, actually, he added, as my instinct is not to get too involved. The woman asked what the first friend had to say for himself, and the man replied that the first friend felt he was doing nothing wrong, that the previous relationship had ended naturally, and that was. he supposed to do, stay single forever? The woman made a face and said, God, yes, she really needs to get out of this apartment. I will keep an eye. They lingered a little longer on the steps. My wedding invitation has arrived, by the way, the man noticed.

Ah yes, she said. It was this week.

Did you know they gave me a plus-one?

She looked at him as if to know if he was joking, then raised her eyebrows. It’s nice, she said. They didn’t give me to me, but given the circumstances, I guess it might have been reckless.

Would you like me to go there alone as a gesture of solidarity?

After a pause, she asked, why? Is there someone you are thinking of bringing?

Well the girl I see I guess. If it’s the same for you.

She said, um. Then she added: You mean woman, I hope.

He smiled. Ah, let’s be a little friendly, he said.

Are you going behind my back calling me a girl?

Certainly not. I’m not calling you anything. Every time your name appears, I get angry and leave the room.

Disregarding this, the woman asked: When did you meet her?

Ah, I don’t know. About six weeks ago.

She’s not another one of those twenty-two-year-old Scandinavian women, is she?

No, she’s not Scandinavian, he said.

With an exaggeratedly weary expression, the woman tossed her cup of coffee into the trash can outside the office door. Looking at her, the man added, I can go alone if you prefer. We can look at each other from across the room.

Oh, you make me look very desperate, she said.

God, I didn’t want to.

For a few seconds, she said nothing, just staring into traffic. Presently, she said out loud, She looked gorgeous on the fitting. Lola, I mean. You were asking.

Still looking at her, he replied, I can imagine.

Thanks for the coffee.

Thanks for the advice.

For the rest of the afternoon at the office, the woman worked on the same text editing interface, moving the apostrophes and removing the commas. After closing one file and before opening another, she would regularly check her social media feeds. Her expression, her posture did not vary depending on the information she encountered there: a report on a horrific natural disaster, a photograph of someone’s beloved pet, a reporter speaking about threats. death, a secret joke requiring familiarization with several other previous internet jokes to be even vaguely understandable, a passionate condemnation of white supremacist, or a promoted tweet promoting a health supplement for pregnant women. Nothing changed in her external relationship to the world that would allow an observer to determine how she felt about what she was seeing. Then, after a while, with no apparent trigger, she closed the browser window and reopened the text editor. Sometimes one of her coworkers would step in with a work related question and she would respond, or someone would share a funny anecdote with the office and they would all laugh, but most of the time the work would go on quietly.

Caricature of Harry Bliss and Steve Martin

At 5:34 afternoon, the woman unhooked her jacket again and bid farewell to her remaining colleagues. She unwound her headphones around her phone, plugged them in and walked down Kildare Street towards Nassau Street, then took a left, meandering west. After twenty-eight minutes of walking, she stopped at a new apartment complex on the North Quays and entered, climbing two flights of stairs and unlocking a chipped white door. No one else was home, but the layout and interior suggested that she was not the only occupant. A small, dark living room, with a curtained window facing the river, opened onto a kitchenette with an oven, half-size refrigerator, and sink. From the refrigerator, the woman took out a bowl covered with cling film, which she discarded, and put the bowl in the microwave.

Big Blue’s email blues signals terminal decline – unless he learns to migrate himself • The Register Mon, 05 Jul 2021 09:15:00 +0000 Column The entertainment for a pre-COVID fun night was finding a pub near the IT headquarters of a large company, looking for haunted and desperate-eyed customers, and kindly asking them how “the migration” was going. It didn’t matter which company or which migration. They are tough. They are wrong. All migratory miseries are not equal. […]]]>

Column The entertainment for a pre-COVID fun night was finding a pub near the IT headquarters of a large company, looking for haunted and desperate-eyed customers, and kindly asking them how “the migration” was going. It didn’t matter which company or which migration. They are tough. They are wrong.

All migratory miseries are not equal. Imagine you are a global IT brand, trader back in the days when you were the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, selling services and systems to other businesses based on your undisputed competence. Also imagine that your internal messaging system was so badly damaged that your employees could no longer shut up and went public with frustration and desperation. Imagine you are IBM.

IBM’s internal email failure is of Shakespearean richness. Tragedy, comedy, sharp emphasis, the decline of a big house, even greater disaster foreshadowed. We don’t know the details, as the company simply acknowledged the issues without commenting on the nature, scale, or prognosis. We don’t know, but the spilled beans form a pattern.

In 2017, IBM transferred the messaging systems it owned – Notes and Verse, which looks like a column in a 1950s literary magazine – to Indian company HCL.

IBM has used these products itself, as you are supposed to if you are a global IT company selling email. But after a while, he became uncomfortable with all of his corporate emails living away from home. IBM therefore decided to build its own infrastructure, to regain control. And at the time of migration, the 18-month-old project failed. Oops.

What went wrong

So many questions. Let’s start by explaining why IBM, the premier business services company, sold its business messaging offering. It was undoubtedly thought that the billion-and-change deal would offset the $ 30 billion + RedHat deal from the same era – but that’s not it.

IBM wants growth, and corporate email – especially a stagnant dinosaur like Notes – grows about as fast as Brian Eno’s hair. Whip it up, cut back on support expenses, add the sale price to the bottom line and investors love you. However, when the thing you get rid of is a staple of your business, the fun can get overwhelming.

Why did IBM take so long to build a local infrastructure for its messaging? It’s harder to explain, except through the magic of mismanagement.

It may be that a simple plan has become out of reach, with the “opportunity” to add enterprise Outlook services to a single managed messaging backend.

The complexity of the task may have escaped the architects, or an initial plan may prove impossible when a key element simply would not work in the new environment. Either option means many restarts and extension of the project. It could also be underfunding, corporate policy or simply incompetence. All of the above have cast migrations.

There are two other factors that could have sunk this one. The first one? Migrations that occur due to the sale of business units have the most difficult timelines for moving items that now belong to one party out of infrastructure owned by another. Security and compliance are nightmares.

The second factor is that IBM is IBM. If a bank decides to migrate a huge on-premises farm to the cloud, it can choose between vendors. If IBM chose AWS or Google or Azure, what would that say about its own cloud? Not an option. So you don’t always have the option of choosing the best tools for the job – often you can’t choose at all. If IBM Cloud was the best for this, then that wouldn’t be a problem. Raise up your hand if you think it is.

Could you take your eyes off Wall St for a second?

All of these potential issues that we have speculated on are just symptoms. Everything could be planned and planned, integrated into the decision-making process. IBM used to be good at foresight, planning and decision making. The reason IBM became an IT juggernaut in the last century was due to a combination of factors that depended on it: a ruthless understanding and manipulation of its customers, a corporate culture bordering on militarism, and a fierce focus. on engineering for specific purposes. It was unbeatable for a while. It took revolutions in basic silicon and software tools to reverse.

Unsure in a world where it no longer sets the rules, IBM has swapped the emphasis on technological engineering for financial refinement. It was – it is – a big, wealthy company, so by wiping out its assets and outsourcing its expertise, it could still find a way to achieve goals that rewarded investors at the expense of organic market growth.

Buy company after company as a “strategy” you can sell to keep the streets happy. Internal emphasis on engineering excellence? What does this have to do with global markets?

It works a bit, then your pants fall off. No one worries about finding reliable hardware these days – they worry about running complex projects in a complex data ecosystem serving the needs of modern businesses. Excellence in engineering can make this possible. Nothing else can. It is a different kind of engineering from that which forged mainframe computers from the technology of the 1970s, but it follows the same principles of analysis, knowledge, imagination and discipline.

IBM can no longer claim excellence here. He apparently missed a process that is the minimum viable product to sell to big business. Her self-evisceration of basic skills is such that she can apparently no longer even support herself for the most basic and established computing functions. And that’s not a good selling point.

IBM has one chance of salvation: to go back to engineering. It must analyze its own systemic problems, plan a path of reform with imagination and pragmatism, and execute with discipline. And you have to see it to do it, or the Cloud Dogs will tear it apart just like the Clone Dogs have ripped off its desks. But this time, there will be nowhere to go. ®

Conclusion: the 2021 Corvette Stingray looks, is European, but for less than half the price Mon, 05 Jul 2021 09:00:00 +0000 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible 2021. Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail It takes a certain level of self-confidence for a middle-aged man to manage in a new Corvette Stingray, especially one painted “Accelerate Yellow”. The car is as subtle as a kick to the head. This is the C8, the eighth generation, and […]]]>

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible 2021.

Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail

It takes a certain level of self-confidence for a middle-aged man to manage in a new Corvette Stingray, especially one painted “Accelerate Yellow”. The car is as subtle as a kick to the head.

This is the C8, the eighth generation, and it’s about as far removed from the original Sting Ray from the 1960s as you can imagine. The mid-engine is now behind the driver, and the body looks European, like a Lamborghini or a McLaren, with all the performance but for less than half the price.

I drove the Corvette C8 early last year at a circuit near Las Vegas and the memory is still fresh: “For the money,” I wrote at the time, “you get a performance car who can take on Ferrari and Lamborghini and other quarter-million-dollar vehicles.… The new Corvette is a truly exceptional vehicle.

The story continues under the ad

Exceptional, yes, but do you really have to own one? This is another matter. Corvettes have a reputation for being a midlife crisis car, and there are few things sadder than looking at an older man – someone who thins and grows a little gray goatee to distract from the crowd. watch out for wattles on his neck and extra pounds around his waist – try to get out of the low seat of a performance car. Especially when the car screams for attention in yellow Acceleration.

The car is designed with an emphasis on the driver.

Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail

So I asked my friend Dan to take the Vette for a drive. Dan is a lawyer in his fifties, and although his salt and pepper mustache is not as dismal as my own Covid goatee, and although he appears to have most of his own hair and a waistline that is not quite age-appropriate, he has fond memories of the ’70s Corvette he drove on his first date with the woman who is now his wife. If anyone wants to buy this new car in a shameless attempt to relive their youth, it will be someone like Dan.

He carefully sank into the driver’s seat and I sat down next to him in the cabin to explain the vehicle to him. There’s nothing else to do on the right side of the car – everything is driver-oriented and the passenger feels like a sidecar driver, with no easy access to controls or distractions.

“The cool thing about the handling of this car is that the weight is distributed 50-50 in front of and behind the driver’s hips,” I told Dan. “If we go out on a track and let it rip in some corners, you won’t feel the car pushing, pulling or even sliding around a lot in the corners. You have the impression that it is pivoting around you.

“Are we going on a track? Dan asked enthusiastically. This Corvette was equipped with the Z51 Performance Package at $ 7,000, boosting horsepower to 495 horsepower. Dan has been driving a Lexus IS for the past few years.

– No, I tell him. “You will have to take my word for it. “

He also had to take my word for it that there was a huge, powerful engine behind the driver, because while the hardtop Corvette has a glass cover that showcases the 6.2-liter V8, the convertible hides this view under a cover for the retracted hardtop. If you want to see the engine you have to start unscrewing the shields. This is not a car for shade tree mechanics.

The story continues under the ad

A mid-mount motor leaves room for a trunk.

Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail

We left as fast as we dared on rural but public roads. Dan is a very good lawyer, but he’s not a highway miracle worker if we were to be pulled over by the police, so we reduced our speeds to a fraction of the Corvette’s capacity. He was amazed by the smoothness of the eight-speed transmission and its intuitive ability to always be in the right gear. He was impressed with the comfort of the cabin, even with the roof down. And he was amazed at the sheer power under his feet.

Previous Corvettes have always been fast but are content to run at legal speeds on the freeways. This Corvette C8, with its square steering wheel and multiple digital performance displays, keeps reminding you that it prefers to be on the racetrack.

We drove for an hour before heading home, where he pulled into his driveway and stood up from the seat with a glaring lack of grace. This could be improved with practice and some stretching exercises, he explained. Maybe a little yoga.

So the question at $ 113,000. … If he had the funds to spare, would he buy the new Corvette for himself?

“Yes I would. I absolutely would,” he said optimistically. “I think they got him out of the park. I haven’t driven a supercar, but it’s years away. -light of the last Corvette I drove. I’m a blue collar performance man, and that’s the epitome of it.

So maybe it’s a good 40s car. After all, that might inspire Dan to take up yoga, and that can only be a good thing, right?

The 2021 Stingray looks European, like a Lamborghini or McLaren, and has similar performance, but for less than half the price.

Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail

Technical specifications

2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible

Base price / as tested: $ 69,398 / $ 111,363, plus $ 2,000 freight and inspection fees

Engine: 6.2-liter V8

Transmission / drive: Eight-speed dual-clutch transmission / rear-wheel drive

Fuel economy (liters / 100 kilometers): 15.4 city / 8.7 highway (with premium gasoline)

Alternatives: Porsche 718; Porsche 911, Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT

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Jeremy Au Yeung / The Globe and Mail

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Best Shark vacuum cleaner of 2021: the best models for all your cleaning tasks Mon, 05 Jul 2021 08:13:00 +0000 Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a tricky task, which is why narrowing down your choices to a particular brand can help. Shark is one of those brands whose products cover all the basics of cleaning and their vacuums are popular with those looking for an alternative to more expensive brands […]]]>

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a tricky task, which is why narrowing down your choices to a particular brand can help. Shark is one of those brands whose products cover all the basics of cleaning and their vacuums are popular with those looking for an alternative to more expensive brands like Dyson and Miele.

Shark vacuums accept sturdy and reliable uprights for large homes with plenty of carpeting, handy cordless sticks that can deep clean and do small jobs in tight spaces, and even hand vacs for small spills .

We’ve scoured the product catalog, compared specs, and put Shark’s products through our rigorous testing to build our definitive list of favorites.

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How to choose the best Shark vacuum for you

What type of vacuum cleaner do you need?

The big question to ask yourself before splashing is what type of vacuum cleaner you are looking for. Most people are familiar with the concept of a straight, wired model and, as you might expect, Shark is spoiled for choice. They are great for covering large areas of carpet and hard floors, but will need to be unplugged and plugged back in when moving around the house. They have large capacity dust collectors, but tend to be the most difficult type of vacuum to transport and use.

Stick vacuums, corded or cordless, are smaller, lighter and easier to use. They easily convert into handheld vacuums that you can use to clean more delicate items and allow you to clean in difficult places. Whether you should opt for one or wireless is a personal choice. Cordless cordless vacuums are much easier to move around the house and are not tethered to a wall outlet, giving you the flexibility to move around the house on a whim. The downside is that they are battery powered and have limited battery life before they need to be recharged.

A hand vacuum will not replace any of the other types, but it is a very useful device to have as a secondary option. These smaller units are easier to get out and use, especially if all you need to do is pick up a small spill. They are ideal for cleaning problem areas for large vacuums, like the trunk of your car, and are useful to have on hand in the kitchen, garage or laundry room.

Other Shark features to watch out for:

  • DuoClean: Shark’s DuoClean motorized floor heads have two rollers. The first is a soft roller designed to capture dirt from hard floors. The second is a brush roller, which agitates the pile of the carpet for a thorough cleaning.
  • Anti-Hair Wrap: Long hair, whether pet or human, can wreak havoc with vacuum rollers, preventing them from performing at peak efficiency. Shark’s Anti-Hair Wrap removes hairs from his rollers as he gathers them, to prevent them from getting stuck.
  • Lift: Some of Shark’s upright vacuums can be lifted off the motorized floor head and transported, which is good for cleaning stairs and high places. The handle is removed from the extension and accessories can be added, adding more flexibility to what are otherwise large and heavy vacuums.
  • Flexology: The name Shark gave to the foldable extension cord on his stick vacuums. This allows you to push the vacuum cleaner under low objects and store them more easily.
  • TruePet: You will notice that some Shark models come with a TruePet option. It is a portable accessory that uses the power of the air drawn by the vacuum to turn a turbine. This is connected to a rotating brush, giving the efficiency of a power tool without the need to recharge a battery.

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How we test

To make sure that we can properly compare the performance of all the vacuum cleaners we test, we put them through a series of tough tests. We measure the suction to get an idea of ​​the power of each vacuum cleaner. If they are using batteries, we will time the time it takes for them to discharge. When the device has more than one power setting, we repeat the tests on all of them.

We also test their cleaning ability with measured spills of flour and Cheerios, both on hard floors and carpets. Each vacuum is given a pass to see how much it can collect, and we weigh how much is collected to compare it to all of the other vacuums we have previously tested.

The best Shark vacuums to buy in 2021

1. Shark DuoClean with Lift-Away NV702UK: The best Shark vacuum cleaner for cleaning the whole house

Price: £ 299 | Buy now from Currys

Big homes need a strong, rugged vacuum that can tackle everything from rooms with carpeted floors to hard floors and tough stairs. The Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away is the perfect fit, providing the perfect balance between sturdy floor coverage and the flexibility to get into tricky corners and high places.

In vertical mode, the vacuum cleaner has a huge head on the floor to cover large areas most efficiently. It uses Shark’s duo-clean technology, which incorporates both a rotating soft roller on the front, to pick up dust and debris on hard floors, and a brush roller on the back to remove dirt from carpets. , all without having to exchange accessories. In our testing it performed very well on both surfaces.

For more difficult-to-reach areas, the bulky 1.1 liter collection bin can be lifted off the base and the handle detached from the rod. Add one of the useful accessories, such as the Smart Vacuum Pet Brush, and you can tackle stairs and upholstery without having to take everything with you.

Key Specifications – Size: 305 x 260 x 1180mm (WDH); Weight: 5.25 kg; Bin capacity: 1.1 l; Vacuum type: Law; Without bag: Yes; Suction power: 750w

Buy now from Currys

2. Shark Anti Hair Wrap with Flexology and TruePet HZ500UKT: The best Shark vacuum cleaner for small spaces

Price: £ 270 | Buy now on Amazon

When an upright vacuum is too heavy and bulky, but you don’t want the limited lifespan of a cordless stick to get in the way of your household chores, the Shark Corded Hairless Stick Vacuum is the answer. . Although you will be connected to a power outlet with this vacuum cleaner, its generous 10m cord is long enough to cover a large part of the floor without having to change the outlet.

The motorized floor head uses Shark’s DuoClean technology to combine cleaning hard floors and carpets in one unit, which is ideal for homes that have a mix of surfaces, and it features anti-hair technology to keep maintenance to a minimum. The extension has a hinged elbow in the middle, so you can use it to clean under awkwardly low furniture without bending over; it also means you can fold the vacuum cleaner into a more compact package for storage.

Key Specifications – Size: 260 x 410 x 1180mm (WDH); Weight: 5.25 kg; Bin capacity: 0.3l; Vacuum type: Wired stick; Without bag: Yes; Suction power: 450w

3. Shark Anti Hair Wrap with Flexology IZ201UKC: The best Shark cordless vacuum cleaner

Price: £ 208 | Buy now on Amazon

Shark’s Wireless Stick has a range of features you won’t find in competing devices. The main one is the DuoClean motorized floor head, which has both a hard floor roller and a carpet brush, so you don’t have to change it when you switch to another type of floor.

It also folds in the center of the extension cord, which is useful for getting under things and storing the vacuum in small spaces, and it has anti-hair rollers that keep them from getting tied up with long hair.

When you need it, you can disconnect the handle from the extension cord and use it as a hand-held vacuum, attaching one of the tools provided to help you with a wide variety of cleaning jobs, from entry into crevices when brushing animal hair from the padding.

Key Specifications – Size: 260 x 245 x 1180mm (WDH); Weight: 4.1 kg; Bin capacity: 0.7 l; Vacuum type: Cordless baton; Without bag: Yes; Suction power: N / S

4.Shark Cordless HandVac Pet Model: Best Shark handheld vacuum for under £ 60

Price: £ 59 | Buy now on Amazon

Taking a peek at the whole house with an upright vacuum or broom is one thing, but there are times when all you need is a tool to clean up a stain or clean up a single spill. The Shark Cordless HandVac pet model is perfect for this. It comes with a handy motorized head which we have found effective in picking up any stubborn mess, not just pet hair, and also comes with a crevice tool and brush.

There are other handhelds that offer greater suction, but Shark’s smart design traps collected dirt in a secondary chamber away from the vacuum’s operation, helping to ensure the vacuum doesn’t clog. or does not lose suction while you are still cleaning.

Read our full review of the Shark Cordless HandVac for pets for more details.

Key Specifications – Size: 520 x 95 x 109 mm (LW); Weight: 1.39 kg; Bin capacity: 0.45 l; Vacuum type: Pocket computer; Without bag: Yes; Suction power: N / S

Marico’s Q1FY22 update is decent, but stock valuations aren’t cheap anymore Mon, 05 Jul 2021 05:31:05 +0000 Shares of Marico Ltd hit a new 52-week high on June 30 on the National Stock Exchange. So far this calendar year, the stock has appreciated over 30%, outperforming the broader Nifty 100 Index. As such, valuations don’t come cheap. Currently, stocks are trading at around 46 times estimated earnings for fiscal 2023, based on […]]]>

Shares of Marico Ltd hit a new 52-week high on June 30 on the National Stock Exchange. So far this calendar year, the stock has appreciated over 30%, outperforming the broader Nifty 100 Index. As such, valuations don’t come cheap. Currently, stocks are trading at around 46 times estimated earnings for fiscal 2023, based on data from Bloomberg, suggesting that investors are capturing a good deal of optimism in the stock price.

The company released its pre-earnings update for the quarter ended in June, highlighting important trends seen in the last quarter. Marico said major input costs have started to cool after peaking at the start of the quarter, although gross margins will remain under pressure due to consumption of higher cost inventory. This should improve from the September quarter.

On the other hand, operating margins are expected to improve significantly during the June quarter sequentially due to better operating leverage and a trend towards medium-term expectations. Recall that the Ebitda margin in the March quarter was 15.9% and was the lowest Marico had seen in the many previous quarters. EBITDA is earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization; a key measure of profitability.

Granted, the June quarter operating margin is expected to be lower year over year given that June 2020 margins were unusually high at 24.3%, mainly due to the streamlining of A&P and other expenses. general during the base quarter. As a result, Marico expects moderate growth in net income in the June quarter.

In addition, Marico’s Indian operations recorded over 30% revenue growth, supported by strong double-digit volume growth in 1TFY22. Of course, a favorable base has helped here. It should be noted that volume growth in India stood at 25% during the March quarter, also partly helped by a favorable base quarter.

Commenting on the update, Varun Singh, analyst at IDBI Capital Markets and Securities Ltd, said, “The volume growth rate of Parachute coconut oil and saffola has now normalized to 5-7% and 10 to 11% respectively. The strong growth of the food portfolio looks exciting (on a low basis, high growth is always easy). We are generally positive on Marico. “

Marico said: “Value Added Hair Oils (VAHO) made a smart recovery across the franchise, albeit on a low basis, due to billing constraints during most of April last year. . “

“VAHO’s continued rebound is positive, and further comments should be watched,” analysts at Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd said in a July 4 report. The broker added: “The stock is trading at a premium compared to historical valuations, but better visibility of earnings relative to its peers during FY22 will result in sustained premium multiples.”

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