Billie Eilish reveals she secretly had red hair for a week in 2021 – See Photo

Billie Eilish revealed to fans on Monday that she secretly changed her hair color in November.

The 19-year-old singer took part in the social media challenge where users are remembered by posting photos or videos of a particular date. When she uploaded the “name a date on any date” prompt to her Instagram account, a fan requested an image from November 22.

Eilish responded with a clip from that day when she walked into a hair salon and turned her faded blonde locks into an auburn red color. She shakes her head and makes a face in the video as her stylist uses a hairdryer.

Billie Eilish reveals on Instagram that she was temporarily redhead on November 22.Billieeilish / Instagram

“Took the blonde and turned red for a week hehe,” she captioned the clip.

In 2021, the “Happier Than Ever” singer, known for trying new styles frequently, ended up changing her hair color at least four times.

She started the year off with her famous dark-rooted neon green hair before shocking fans with a shoulder-length blonde look in March.

The caption of the post revealing his new color simply read: “Pinch me”.

Then in December, she transformed her platinum braids into a rich brunette hue, proving that she can pull off any color.

She completed her end of year look with a shorter look and feathery bangs.

Eilish shared a photo of the haircut on Instagram with the caption “Miss me?”

She showed off her new cropped style during her hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” last month.

It looks like Eilish is planning to keep his signature, darker look for 2022 – at least for now.

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