Ayeza Khan reveals the secret to his surprising ‘short hair’

The most followed actress on Instagram in Pakistan, Ayeza Khan has revealed the secret of her surprisingly “short hair”.

A few days ago, she posted a photo on her social media account asking people what she looked like with short hair.

Later in a video, the actress started showing off her bob haircut style. Telling the mystery behind the fresh look, she said her husband, Danish Taimur, loved short hair, so she bought a wig when they went on vacation.

“Seeing my short hair, my mother-in-law asked me, ‘Did you cut your hair? And she had a long face. Soon after, I realized the joke had lasted, ”she said.

So, she said, she rushed into the bedroom and took off her wig.

Ayeza Khan looks adorable in green. Photo: Instagram

The Mother Pass Tum Ho The lead actress recorded this video as a paid promotion for a hair oil company.

She captioned, “I just wanted to share with you that whether you have long or short hair, using this oil you can still look great. And if you’re considering getting cut, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. “

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The Chupke chupke The star also said oriental beauty standards exceed her. “Why is short hair not considered beautiful? Why do we get so thoughtless about having our hair cut? It’s our hair. If we want to shorten them, then why not, ”she wondered.

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