Alaska Democrats continue to prepare Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson to take on Murkowski

Alaska Democrats have been flirting with the idea for months, but special session after special session of the legislature were unable to launch Alaska State Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson from Anchorage, as a candidate for the US Senate. The fourth special session of the year is still underway, although few pay attention to absent lawmakers.

Over the summer, Gray-Jackson changed his edgy, pointy hairstyle into something more… senatorial. The Alaska Democratic Party has conducted social media polls to set the stage for it, trying to boost its profile statewide.

Before and after the senatorial makeover.

In the latest edition of the Alaskan Democrats’ official bulletin, the party makes it clear that she is their favorite candidate.

“I wonder who is running as a Democrat in the Senate and representing the United States?” We often get this question and we know it is difficult to be patient. But know that we are working behind the scenes to put Democrats in the best seats, while waiting for the redistribution maps to be finalized and doing all the behind-the-scenes prep work to put on successful races. But if you want to encourage it, here’s something you can do, ”the newsletter says.

“First, does the idea of ​​having State Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson represent Alaska in the US Senate excite you? We have reason to believe that with the right candidate, it’s a winnable race for Democrats, FINALLY! Think about it… A Senator who doesn’t move and weave, tiptoe around positions, no more equivocation and backtracking, “doesn’t care” and then does the wrong thing. No longer being Charlie Brown when our Senator is Lucy with the football, ”the party wrote, describing its disillusionment with Senator Lisa Murkowski.

The party used an old Charlie Brown cartoon to illustrate their feelings about Murkowski, who is too conservative for the party leadership:

“Elvi is solid. It is decisive. She says what she wants to say and thinks what she says. She believes in people and that they deserve a leader, not someone who licks their finger after every question to see which way the wind blows. She’s a rock, she’s smart and she works very hard. AND, she is considering running for the US Senate, ”says the Alaska Democratic Party. The party has been saying for months that it was over with Murkowski, a candidate many Democrats have backed over the past two decades, due to her pro-choice stance on abortion and other stances.

This promising Senate candidate is the same Gray-Jackson who drafted legislation that some see as anti-police and anti-public safety.

She also drafted a law this year to make Juneteenth another legal holiday for Alaska state workers, shutting down the government for a day and paying state workers to gamble. This summer, Congress adopted similar legislation that allows federal workers to remove Juneteenth.

Some of the laws Gray-Jackson drafted that were not passed this year are SB 1, Use of Force by Peace Officers; SB 2, on how the police defuse situations; SB 3, directing officers must give a warning before firing a firearm; SB 4, use of force and ban on shooting from a moving police vehicle; and SB 5, the public holiday of June 15 for government employees.

Gray-Jackson represents downtown Anchorage, Spenard, and the U-Med District in the Alaska State Senate; she ran for the seat of former Senator Berta Gardner when Gardner retired. It also anchors the far left of the Democratic Party of Alaska in a state that voted for Donald Trump for the presidency by 53%.

It is unclear what Gray-Jackson will be able to do in terms of the campaign, as it is prohibited for lawmakers while they are in session. Will she resign to run for the US Senate?

Gray-Jackson has a long career in politics. Prior to joining the Alaska Senate, she served in the Anchorage Assembly for several terms, and previously served as Assembly Assistant.

A Republican candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, has won the support of the Republican Party of Alaska and is already campaigning fiercely. She will appear on the brand new primary ballot opened on August 16, 2022. Senator Lisa Murkowski has yet to declare her candidacy, although she, like all members of Congress, keeps their campaign accounts alive at the Election Commission. federal government, and continued to raise millions of dollars.

The General Election is a ranked voting scenario with the top four winners of the August primary on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

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