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One of the most iconic parts of competing at the Winter Olympics is interacting with other successful athletes from around the world and immersing yourself in a different culture.

While the athletes compete in their respective sports for part of the day, there is still plenty of daylight to take part in the activities around the Olympic Village.

Whether athletes are looking to take care of themselves or take up new sports, the Olympic Village has an option for everyone.

Here we take a look at how the athletes of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are spending their time when not competing:

What activities can athletes do when they are not competing?

Team USA’s Becca Hamilton took to Twitter to point out that athletes can shop in their spare time. Hamilton walks around the indoor mall with a shopping bag and picks up souvenirs from Beijing.

Olympians tackle Chinese kung fu, tai chi and baduanjin qigong in the village’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Hall.

Team Germany’s Leon Vockensperger loves the virtual reality games available at the Olympic Village. Looks like the competition is going beyond the snow and ice in Beijing!

Team Canada’s Evan McEachran says his favorite part of the Olympic Village is the pin business. He enjoys collecting memorabilia from other athletes and staff.

Sweden’s Walter Wallberg is reaping the rewards of some personal grooming at the Olympic Village beauty salon. Free hairdressing, facial beauty and manicure services are provided at the village hair salon, according to Popsugar.

What does the Olympic Dining Hall look like and what types of meals are served there?

Estonian Kelly Sildaru shared her positive experience of eating at the Olympic Dining Hall on TikTok. She loves that it’s open 24/7 and there are plenty of food options for all meals. She says everyone has their own table and there are plexiglass dividers.

Michelle Uhrig from Germany also reflects on her experience in the Olympic dining hall. She says she loves the variety of cuisine, which includes different dishes from China, Japan, India and America. Not to mention, lots of dessert options.

Olympic meals in the dining hall are robotically prepared and delivered. According to the clip, you choose your meal, a machine prepares your food and delivers it to your table. The robotic system also understands bar service requests for alcoholic beverages.

What are the Olympic apartments like?

Team Peterson on TikTok, which consists of the United States curling team, gives a big tour of what their “home for the month” looks like. Their living space includes five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a decently sized living room for the team.

Clare Egan, Paul Schommer and Deedra Irwin of Team USA received personalized Green Bay Packers jerseys this weekend in the spirit of Super Bowl LVI. The Wisconsin-born Olympians played football in the Olympic Village.

After Elana Meyers Taylor tested positive for COVID-19, she got creative with her workout quarters. She took bodybuilding in isolation to the next level in her hotel room.

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