6 fall 2021 hair color trends to have on your radar

Fall is a wonderful time for so many reasons: foliage, cozy sweaters, candles, PSL (basic, but delicious). But one of the best things about the cooler season is swapping out your brightly colored summer hair for a darker, maybe even bolder shade. This year, the fall 2021 hair color trends are more exciting than your typical ash browns and muted hues. In fact, the most popular shades will be quite the opposite.

Colorists say you can expect to see sparkling, rich shades shine throughout your timeline. “The current trend in hair color is to warm up a bit” Ian Michael Black, global art director of Aveda, told Bustle via email. “In the last few years we’ve seen very cool colors like the hottest ones, like silvers and blues, but we’re now seeing a shift towards a warmer hair color spectrum,” he explains. he. Shades like warm copper with natural blends, brilliant cinnamon and golden blonde will dominate the next couple of months. Celebrity hairstylist and colourist Cory aaron scott echoes Black’s observations, explaining that his “clients demand richer tones” this time of year.

The sun may be receding, but these hues are heating up. Read on to see which fall hair colors will be trending this season.


The copper

Copper has seen a lot of trendy moments, but this fall it’s all about wearing the color as naturally as possible. “We’re moving away from brass that has undertones of red and yellow and moving towards ones that have a much cooler palette, mellow brass that has an underlying tone of blue,” says Black.

Incorporate this warm shade with some highlights, or take the plunge and dye your entire head. Either way, you will look great.



Scott notes that this coffee-inspired fall hair color trend is one to watch. Different shades of brown are always a fall staple, but espresso is especially flattering in cooler and warmer tones.

What’s good about espresso is the dimension it offers, so add depth to your current color by adding lowlights in that shade – it will give you the fall vibes you know and love. .



Cinnamon is a soft, fun color to try this fall. Regardless of your hair type or curl pattern, the shade will look stunning.

The cool thing about cinnamon is that there are a ton of undertones and ways to incorporate it into your current style. It blends effortlessly with just about any color, so the highlights or shades of this shade are a great choice.


Golden blond

Blonde is a shade generally associated with summer, but you can enhance it with golden tones that warm up the shade. Scott tells Bustle that her clients with “shiny, beach blonde” hair are looking to upgrade to “a richer honey wheat blonde.” This color will ensure you are always vibrant all year round.



’90s-inspired hair is having a major moment right now, and it will continue until fall. You’ll see everyone paying homage to the decade by experimenting with babylights. “Babylights are a great option for that natural look with a big dimension,” says Scott.

He says the dye job will “tone down those bright ‘silver coin’ panels for a richer, deeper contrast.”


Brick red

Patrick McMullan / Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

Looking for a major change this fall? Brick red is the perfect marriage of brown, red, and gold hues (think Rihanna circa 2010s). It’s a shade that will definitely inspire more than a double take – and it will work well with your fall cuts, too.

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