We’re sure you’ll enjoy the 1980s if you were born in this decade. Salman Khan is a Bollywood actor who has acted in several films. The ’80s and ’90s superhero hooked everyone up with his boy-in-love style and attitude, and he still does. We pay homage to the superstar’s stylish looks by revisiting some of her iconic ensembles from the past!

1. Long hair

Sallu wore his hair long in his film ChandraMukhi in the 1990s. He certainly set a trend for all his peers back then by creating a trendy hair trend with long hair.

2. Leather jacket

Since the 1990s, he has given style to leather jackets, and we owe him the style of the square leather jacket with patches.

3. Ripped Jeans

If you think distressed jeans are a new fad, you’re completely wrong. Since the 1990s, Salman has been part of the trend. Do you remember the song Oh Oh Jane Jana…? With his shirtless swag and tattered jeans, he stole everyone’s heart.

4. Ganji

He even made the gajni fashionable at the time. Her fashion was certainly ahead of her time, whether it was wearing baggy ganjis or wearing ganjis with denim.

5. The Salman Bracelet

When it comes to menswear, they don’t have as many accessories to choose from. Salman, on the other hand, has made his firoza bracelet an important fashion statement for all men.

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