16 Personal Care Items Black Creatives Can’t Live Without

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How do you feel most confident? What are some things you like to do to boost your self-confidence if you’re not feeling 100%?

I rely heavily on my Christian faith, so even when I’m not feeling the most confident, I need to remind myself of what the Word says about me and my identity. Outwardly, I feel more confident when I’m well rested. I know I’m the best version of myself when my tank is full. I also feel confident when I am able to wake up with a successful twist with defined curls. I switch to my natural hair, and some days it’s random!

On days when I’m not feeling 100%, it’s imperative that I set aside time to do something that would bring me joy and hopefully change my day, which sometimes means taking me to a date or FaceTiming my family for a talking boost or just jogging with my dog.

Was there ever a time when you didn’t fully appreciate the skin you were in or felt underappreciated by the people around you? If so, how did you overcome this?

Honestly, I struggled with my identity from a young age until my mid-twenties. I come from a family with a range of skin tones and undertones (all black and all beautiful), but you could say I’m one of the fairest in my immediate family. That being said, it comes with a lot of ridicule and questioning. People always had something to say about my appearance and I got teased a lot. I ended up internalizing their doubts about myself. Before, I really didn’t like myself, and it took a lot of soul-searching and prayer to push those negative thoughts aside and learn to embrace what makes me unique.

What are the most forgiving personal care products you like to use, and why do you like each one?

I am absolutely obsessed with skincare products. I constantly search the market for new products. While I understand the journey to perfect skin is a long one, I really appreciate the quick fixes of face masks. I’m going to splurge on face masks. Whether it’s a sheet mask, an overnight mask or a thick clay mask, I have them all. There are so many options that target all skin concerns. I feel productive when I am able to cook a meal, clean the apartment, or answer emails while taking care of my skin. Instant results are always satisfying, even if they don’t always last long. I recently turned 30, so I want to make sure I take the best care of my skin and stick to my regimen.

What are some staples that you always carry in your kit no matter what?

My staples include an under eye brightening cream. Sometimes concealer doesn’t stay on well if the skin underneath isn’t properly moisturized. I love a fresh, dewy glow, so I always keep my Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face & Body Gloss handy. This product does not stick and adapts perfectly to the skin. I also love Bobbi Brown’s Nude Finish Highlighting Pressed Powder, which comes in five shades. I don’t always use them the way they’re supposed to be used. Sometimes I’ll use them as bronzers, or blend this into the crease of one eye for added dimension.

What’s your all-time favorite beauty brand for black and brown skin?

I fell in love with Ami Colé. I can’t wait to see this brand grow in the market and hopefully on the shelves of Ulta or Sephora! I also really enjoyed Kosas. I use more clean beauty in my kit, and this brand does not disappoint! Her concealers are amazing and they have a great range of shades – that’s why they’re always out of stock!

How do you celebrate Black History Month?

History is being written every day in the black community. I only wish this would be publicly documented and recognized more. I want to continue working with black creatives in my industry. I think it’s really important that we control our images in all facets of media. In my area of ​​influence, I would like to continue to educate other black creatives and make more room for us at the table.

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